As mentioned on a previous post, everytime I know I’m gonna spend the day around Camden Town, I feel like I have to wear black. And ok, I wasn’t wearing a total black on that post where I mentioned that, because I love contradicting myself; but today I am, and those pictures are from a day we visited Camden Town. To some of you I might look like a burglar who just stole a golden chocker and ran away with it on… and the truth is that’s kind of how I felt, lol. I’ve been purchasing a lot of black lately and was dying to put some of them together, knowing I’d feel like a badass.

Bomber + beanie hat + jumper = the perfect combo to look like a bad boy… actually, the roll neck kind of gives me a chick vibe at the same time, in my opinion; and that’s why I added the chocker, which I got with the intention to wear on roll necks only. The suit trousers add a more formal / elegant touch to the look along with the shoes, which I find elegant and a nice version of the Dc. Martens shoe but also bit underground looking because of the chunky sole.
To be honest, I enjoy playing with fashion and putting together more “complicated” / “interesting” outfits; but whenever I wear a total black or anything else that’s just minimal, easy and simple, I feel so good, somehow more comfortable and, at the same time very chick. Let me clarify something, because I just used concepts like minimal, easy and simple… but sometimes the simpler things require more time to be put nicely together.

Jacket and jumper from H&M, beanie from ASOS, trousers from Zara, Dr Martens shoes and Ray-ban sunnies
Photography by Santi Montero


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