Am I allowed a #TBT when it comes to a blog post? Hahahaha I am, like, super late on this one but pls don’t judge me, I just realised I didn’t get to post any travel photography from our trip to Amsterdam. And yes, we were there last… March? April? I can’t even remember. I posted an OOTD post back then but I didn’t get to tell you about the whole trip. So here I am today 🙂

Let me start saying Amsterdam is a city I would visit again for sure, and again, and again. It’s a small city with beautiful scenery and little cafes / shops. The canals and architecture made it look and feel old but I found it so modern at the same time. For me, it was the perfect place to disconnect and relax, I would get lost around the canals for hours, really. We spent there three wonderful days, didn’t organise much in advance because we rather just get there and walk; the only thing we planned beforehand was food. We found a couple of nice places (don’t remember how, I guess through Google, God Bless Google) and put them in our travel notebook.

Today I am sharing a compilation of images we took back in our Amsterdam break. Santi took most of the pictures on the DSLR and I was carrying my analog so you’ll see some of those too. Now, if you’ve read the whole post up till here, it’s your lucky day my friend… let me share with you a couple of names of places where we went for breakfast / lunch and we absolutely loved. One of them is Coffee&Coconuts (there’s a couple of interior pictures from there), an amazing space divided in different levels, full of plants and lights, which you can actually purchase. The other one is Hutspot, a  department store with a lunchroom, barbershop, etc., another wonderful space with a great concept behind. Please write these two places down and visit if you happen to be in Amsterdam. Now yes, pls enjoy the images and thanks for reading 🙂


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