Hello there! The past few days have been horrible here in London in terms of weather. I mean, sun is ok but this warmth and humidity… pls no. Not easy. Anyway, this is not the reason why I haven’t been blogging the past few
days. The thing is, I have been working on a personal photography project and this has taken a lot of time… from even before summer I’ve been writing down ideas and thoughts and I have just started but I want to experiment and do much more, so you’ll see. I think I’ll prepare a post to show you what I’ve done so far 🙂
Regarding today’s outfit, easy, right? I had serious trouble with my wardrobe on that day and I ended up wearing basic stuff. It usually happens. I find it quite elegant tho, and the shoes make it an easy win. Also, it’s not that I forgot or was too lazy to zip them up… but I thought I would wear them unzipped in order to do something different and look super cool. HAHA. JK. Have a great rest of the week and see y’all soon!

Full outfit details below the images


Trousers from Zara, tee from Topman, shoes from Asos and sunnies from Ace&Tate in collaboration with It’s Nice That

Photography by Santi
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