Yas! 2016 and those are the first pair of wireless headphones I’ve ever had. They look huge but they’re super comfy hahaha. Sound quality is amazing and even I, most of the time, prefer the small ones, I must recognize I
got addicted to using these Skullcandy ones. Not having to untangle a wire is such a relief… but if you’re pationate about it, hey! They also come with a wire so don’t worry ;-). Bad thing is the phone doesn’t have to be attached to you so if you don’t put it in your pocket, it will get lost. It happens to me all the time when using the headphones at home. Ha.
Ok so on this occasion I styled the headphones with a monochrome look where black’s the main color, trousers are new and I’ve another post ready to show you HOW COOL they are, cause let’s say you can only see half of them on this outfit. It will be posted in a few days tho. Can’t wait. Also this week I am posting another daily vlog on my Youtube channel. Hopefully. Stay tuned and see you soon!


Skullcandy headphones, Asos jacket, Black Eye Rags trousers and Adidas trainers

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